Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Baby of The Family

Will has been going through an "I'm a baby phase". I think because we are trying to get him interested in the potty. The boy loves to be bundled up like a baby!

My Little Buddy

My back is still hurt, still stuck in the stupid chair, and my buddy will not leave my side. I love that dog!

Whacky Wednesday

Emma and Jack were both WAY too excited about Whacky Wednesday at school. As you can see Emma really got into it!

My View From Above

I hurt my back really bad this morning so I have spent a lot of time in this chair. I guess the two little boys were concerned because they spent most of the day in this spot.

Yeah, yeah...

Not a fan of pictures of myself, so I have nothing to say about this other than, here.

Fun Socks!

Those who know me know that I have a small...ok a HUGE obsession with fun socks. These are my "my feet are freezing" fun socks. Bryan bought them for me because they have anti-skid stuff on the bottom, and I have a tendency to slip on floors. He really does love me. Or just loves to make fun of me...I am not entirely sure.

Where's Jack?

We played a little hide and seek tonight before the kids went to bed. Can you see where Jack is?