Saturday, January 1, 2011

Here We Go Again!!

Welcome to my blog!! I tried to do it last year and failed miserably. So for 2011 I am trying again!!

Wish me luck!!

Here are the rules: there are no rules. I am allowed to use Photo shop if I want to (last year I didn't allow myself to use it), I can use my cellphone, my point and shoot or my real camera. The only real rule is there has to be one picture every day. I am really excited to try this again!!

Thanks for reading! And I hope you enjoy keeping up with the pictures with me! Please feel free to leave comments. :D

Happy New Year!!!

The first picture is of my two favorite sons watching a movie together. I thought it was really cute how Will had his hand on Jacks back. Even though they fight all the time!! There is some brotherly love there after all!!

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  1. Yes! I have two boys that love to hug, then the hug turns into rolling on the ground wrestling and someone ends up crying. Boys rock!